> In May 2016 Art Child Foundation started the project “Happy Painter” in collaboration with Foundation Syrian Women in the Netherlands. Through these painting workshops they offer Syrian refugee children the possibility to transform their fears and emotional trauma’s into self confidence. The workshops consist of three stages in which thinking makes place for feeling, whereafter it is possible for the child to become more whole and at peace with the situation. This is of the utmost importance for those whom have lost everything that was dear to them. Rabobank Bollenstreek en Akzo Nobel are financially contributing to make this project work. Unfortunately their financial contribution is not nearly enough to enable us to help all those children who need it so badly. To make it possible for all these children to take part in this project, we desperately need your financial support. Any gift will be more than welcome and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

For more information:

Mrs Araa al Jaramani / Founder en President
a r t c h i l d Foundation
Mrs Margareth Meulmeester / Founder and President

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